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How to Drive World Class Results Through Superior Employee Engagement

The state of employment today is in disarray. In the last decade alone, the average tenure for an employee has fallen from 8 years to just 2-3 years. Employee disengagement is at an all time high, straining morale, hiring and onboarding costs, and ultimately - results. The strategic costs of this leadership failure are incalculable.

On this webinar, you'll learn a proven strategy to solve these problems, and achieve true organizational excellence.

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How to Engage Your Best Prospects and Actually Drive the Industry Forward

According to Forrester, thought leadership sits at the pinnacle of content marketing, wielding more influence than any other form. Yet few life sciences companies leverage the power of this technique to reach their prospects and connect with customers.

Promoted by a thought leadership program, your executives and scientists can become the industry experts, telling your company and product story, and driving the industry forward.

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Catalytic Experiences: Persuading Scientists and Clinicians With Effective Digital Marketing

The speed with which communications technologies are changing the way scientists and clinicians read, write, engage and make decisions is outpacing our ability to be strategic in marketing and sales. In this talk, strategist Hamid Ghanadan offers the synopsis of his latest book - Catalytic Experiences - analyzing the future of content and digital marketing and offering a method that empowers science and healthcare marketers to cut through the ever-increasing market noise and truly shift the market's understanding in their favor.

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