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“A-Players” Don’t Want to Work For You? Here’s Why

“A-Players” Don’t Want to Work For You? Here’s Why

Let’s A-Playersbe honest, every good company is falling over themselves in a bid to hire that elusive top 20 per cent of talent.

Everyone is talking about their superior strategies, attractive hiring packages, recruitment tactics and employee engagement strategies. But does this actually translate into hiring success?

You know that this top echelon of talent will drive forward performance, morale and your bottom line – and potentially motivate your broader staff base to raise their game into the bargain. But getting hold of these individuals is the holy grail, and the old methods simply don’t cut it.

Forget old fashioned hiring processes. Remember the definition of madness – doing the same old thing and expecting different results each time. The world has moved on and you need to move with it if you genuinely want to remain on the cutting edge of commercial success.

Forget tired job descriptions that resort to the old clichés – years of experience, personality traits and ‘essential skills’.

It’s time to get smart and embrace a fresh hiring paradigm, one that recognises the complex motivations of today’s top performers, and which can seek them out with laser clarity.

As with the rest of your commercial business model, process lies at the heart of your hiring success. Not gut feel or intuition – although there is a time and a place for these – but scalable, replicable and demonstrable processes that stand up to rigorous testing and which prove themselves on an ROI basis alone.

Embracing the Solution

The performance profile offers a specific template for on-the-job success, and a precise evaluation framework. But it’s so much more than that. I spoke previously about earning the right to great employees, and this is a big step for you in being able to do just that.

We know that great employees are primarily interested in the meat of the work itself – the scope and remit of the job, the opportunity for growth and development, the goals they will need to achieve. Not money, title and prestige. Similarly, mediocre performers tend to be put off by such clarity of expectations. So why not use this information to enhance your marketing whilst simultaneously improving your selection process? It’s too good an opportunity to miss!

What’s more, just as the performance profile provides a blueprint for success, it also provides a template for discussion on all the areas that matter most to the candidate – offering a natural opportunity to enhance interest throughout the process.

Since adopting the performance profile, we have seen an increase in candidate interest of over 60%, and an increase in “top 20%” candidates recruited of between 100-400% depending on the role. The numbers far exceeded even our expectations, and speak for themselves.

If you want to be able to snatch the best talent away from your competitors, to hire the best and brightest, and to be in a position to make job offers with complete confidence, then you need to invest in the performance profile. Ultimately, your bottom line and your team’s contented smiles will thank you for it.

Also…the icing on the cake for making this investment? No capital expenditure required!

This article was written by Harrison Wright, Managing Director