Live Training Webinar

How To Teach Your Boss How Online Marketing Really Works

No matter what your marketing experience level may be, we all realize the internet has changed the world of marketing. So even senior executives with a marketing background may find themselves behind the curve. Bosses without a marketing background may be even more distanced from what is working today -- and what is not -- when it comes to online marketing.

Who should attend?

* Any marketer who finds they must explain or justify their online marketing efforts
* Any marketer with a boss who is light on marketing background
* Any marketer with a boss who may not be current on marketing matters

Kenneth Vogt is Sales Director for Bitesize Bio. Bitesize Bio, "the missing manual for bioscientists," acts as a giant mentor to millions of bench-based scientists around the world to help them solve common and not so common problems in the lab. Kenneth brings 35 years of experience on the commercial side to help bring scientific innovation to the marketplace and ultimately into the lives of real people.


Kenneth Vogt

Bitesize Bio

Harrison Wright
Affinity Biotechnology

On this Live Webinar, You'll Discover:

  1. What new measurable metrics the internet has brought to marketing
  2. How you can get the advantages - whilst avoiding the pitfalls - of the measurability of online marketing
  3. Why ROI is often the wrong thing to focus on
  4. What your boss wants - and more importantly, needs to know about your online campaigns and initiatives