building outstanding life science sales & marketing teams


Free Tools

Linkedin training

Get noticed by your peers, your customers, prospective aspirational employers and more. This two module online coaching series with accompanying workbook will help you:

  • Get found by your audience using keyword rich headlines
  • Produce a unique keyword specific LinkedIn URL
  • Create a compelling message to attract customers, contacts, peers and employers
  • Strategically build your network
  • Receive recommendations and testimonial

Performance & Behavioural Hiring Workbook™

What if you could apply the same rigour and standard of evidence to your hiring process as your scientists apply to their work?

This detailed guide shows you how.

  • Create a standardised hiring process ALL hiring managers can use (experienced or not)
  • Attract the TOP 20% of Life Science sales & marketing professionals and discourage the rest
  • Pin hiring decisions on objective criteria which are proven to predict on-the-job success
  • CLOSE the deal with the Life Science sales & marketing professionals you really want

Career Builder Toolkit

Analysis has shown that, using these strategies, you can be up to 39.6% more effective at interviewing and developing your career in Life Science sales & marketing. You will get:

  • Professional interview skills
  • Coaching on presenting at interview
  • Preparation techniques to build confidence
  • Executive interview coaching
  • And much, much, much more…