Training Webinar

The Changing Face of Scientific Marketing: Which Strategy Is Right For Your Company?

There is a lot of noise in the industry on the latest and greatest tactic to deploy in life science marketing. Content marketing was the term of 2016, now influencer marketing and thought leadership are being hailed as the solution to raise brand awareness and generate leads.

How can you possibly keep abreast of all these new tactics, develop strategies for their deployment, methods of measuring success and roll them all out, all while trying to manage an annual budget that your B2C counterparts would complain about if they had it for a single month?

This webinar will explore the exponential growth in marketing specialisms, and how it is impossible for one team to keep abreast of their development and evaluate their effectiveness. We will present the argument for using more business partnerships to enable you to make informed decisions on which strategies are right for your objectives, and therefore maximise the return on your investment.


Laura Browne

Covalent Bonds

Harrison Wright
Affinity Biotechnology

On this Webinar, You'll Discover How To:

  1. Generate maximum results (sales!) from your marketing efforts by laying the foundations for optimum success
  2. Optimize your financial investment in marketing to save you time and money
  3. Ensure you effectively use your support network to make the most of individual expertise