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High Achievement – Repeatable or Situational?

Sometimes, all the stars align and your results exceed your wildest expectations. This may be where “preparation meets opportunity”, as the saying goes. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Andrew Carnegie would undoubtedly be wildly successful no matter their circumstances in life. But it is the combination of preparation and opportunity on a massive scale that made them amongst the richest men who ever lived. Being in the right place, at the right time (ideally positioned to take advantage of the...

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Making Sense of Competing Priorities in Our Complex Working World

To be alive today is an incredible thing. Everyday people take for granted things that the ultra-wealthy couldn’t have imagined even a hundred years ago. Maybe fifty years ago. And despite the many serious threats which are now facing us, no one in history has ever had anything like the opportunity and possibilities that we enjoy today.  Truly, this is by far the best time in all of history in which to live. Whenever I have a bad day, I...

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Why Intrinsic Motivation is Paramount

People do what they want to do, and for their own reasons. As well they should – why would you live a life in opposition to your values, and spend your days doing things you don’t care about? Naturally, we all have to spend some of our time doing things we don’t like. You might hate the gym, but you still have to go. I hate admin, but I still have to do it. Doing things you don’t like now...

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