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Varshal Davé – The Journey of a Startup – Life Science Leadership Exchange

In the inaugural episode of Life Science Leadership Exchange, I talk with Varshal Davé. Since 2012, Varshal has served as VP of Sales and Marketing for Lab7 Systems. And what a journey it’s been! We had an inspiring conversation on the pursuit of achieving your maximum potential in life and business. If you’ve ever felt the calling for startup life – whether you’ve followed it, or muzzled it – you won’t want to miss this episode. And if you haven’t?...

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How to Calculate the Future Potential of Your Employees – and Why You Need To

Say what you will about Jack Welch, he had a keen eye for identifying the right people and putting them on the fast-track. You may not share his views on “cutting the fat”, but everyone can learn from his approach to spotting and developing potential in talented people.   First – the “Why” The intellectual capital within your company is arguably your most valuable asset. Especially if you sell services rather than products. Not only does it make sense to...

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What Culture Is, and What It Is Not

  Cultural fit is essential to a happy and productive working relationship. But so much is written about “company culture” that this seems a trite and clichéd statement.   That’s exactly why I wanted to write about it. Because most of this talk about culture focuses on the frivolous and the unimportant. This distinction needs to be made. Culture is: The way tasks and projects are approached The degree of conformity required within the organisation The level of formality expected...

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