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Monthly Articles: August 2016

How to Calculate the Future Potential of Your Employees – and Why You Need To

Say what you will about Jack Welch, he had a keen eye for identifying the right people and putting them on the fast-track. You may not share his views on “cutting the fat”, but everyone can learn from his approach to spotting and developing potential in talented people.   First – the “Why” The intellectual capital within your company is arguably your most valuable asset. Especially if you sell services rather than products. Not only does it make sense to...

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What Culture Is, and What It Is Not

  Cultural fit is essential to a happy and productive working relationship. But so much is written about “company culture” that this seems a trite and clichéd statement.   That’s exactly why I wanted to write about it. Because most of this talk about culture focuses on the frivolous and the unimportant. This distinction needs to be made. Culture is: The way tasks and projects are approached The degree of conformity required within the organisation The level of formality expected...

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What Corporate Psychopaths Can Teach You About The Dangers of Overlooking Character

In my experience, there are two kinds of people in the commercial world. On the one hand, there are those who see business as a kind of war – “crush” all those that stand in their way, “destroy” the competition, and generally get one over on the next guy. Then there are those who treat it more like farming. Nurture your crops (products and services), develop their value and then trade them with happy customers who benefit from this value....

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