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Monthly Articles: June 2016

Cloning Your Top Performers

Is there anything more satisfying for you as a leader than a team of self-driving high performers? These stars drive forward performance, increase broader morale, create energy and – most importantly – they deliver the bulk of the results. If only you could clone them and replicate their talents across the business… wouldn’t life be grand? Happily, although gene technology isn’t yet sufficiently advanced to allow for a little corporate cloning, there is a more immediate and accessible way to...

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Psychometrics in Hiring – Blessing or Curse?

Psychometric tests. Yuk. Or so many of you are thinking. A polarising topic indeed. Where psychometric testing goes wrong We live in a “one quick trick” society. We’re all on the lookout for that one quick trick that will make us rich, successful and admired by all. But life doesn’t work that way. So it is with psychometric tests. It’s not that they don’t have value, it’s that they’re sold as the solution to all hiring problems – as the...

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Cloud Your Judgement

As I’ve said before, efficiency is the lifeblood of progress. One of the ways this efficiency – or lack of it – materialises is in the way you make your business decisions. The ideal is to collect the necessary information (and no more), evaluate the facts and consequences, make a decision – and move on. Time spent procrastinating is time not spent on action. “Time kills all deals”, as the saying goes. Yet hastily made decisions – those made without...

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